Athletic Forms

Paperwork Necessary for Participation

All extracurricular activities participants must have the following paperwork turned in to the Activities Director prior to the first practice.


Physical Examination (Athletes only) – Physical exams are good for a period of two (2) years.  Physical Form


GSD Activities/Athletics Clearance Form (GOLD Sheet) – This form must be filled out and signed by both the parent and the student.  This form replaces the old insurance form, medical release form, and safety guidelines form, as well as the signature page for the Activities/Athletic Code. GSD Clearance Form for Activities- English /GSD Clearance Form for Activities- Spanish
Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Packet (BLUE Sheet) – This form must be signed.  Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Packet- English/Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Packet- Spanish


Activities Code & Safety Guidelines – Please read through these and keep them at home for reference .


ASB Card – The ASB card must be purchased from the school office prior to the first competition.  It allows participants to get into home events for free and away events at a reduced rate.  Cost is $35.00.