Girls Soccer

Spartan Girls Soccer lost 1-0 at Naches Valley on Tuesday, October 16th.

First Half: Faith Hahn-Landis (NV) (Katherine Cartmel) 34:00.
Second Half: No Scoring
Saves: Tanara Zieback (NV) 2, Granger 10.


Granger Girls Soccer lost at home to Highland 3-0 on Thursday, October 11th. Pricila Ramos had 6 saves for the Spartans.

First Half: Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Jackie Naranjo) 7:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) 9:00.
Second Half: Jackie Naranjo (H) (Fatima Lopez) 54:00.
Saves: Mariana Ramos (H) 1, Pricila Ramos (G)


Spartan Girls Soccer lost at Goldendale 3-1 on Monday, October 8th. Mireya Carrasco scored Granger’s goal with a Yaneli Torres assist. Priscila Ramos had 11 saves.

First Half: Lene Riggers (Go) 22:00, Lene Riggers (Go) 10:00, Mireya Carrasco (G) (Yaneli Torres) 16:00
Second Half: Lene Riggers (Go) (PK) 63:00
Saves: Priscila Ramos (G) 11, Jeeneeva Lawrence (Go) 8.


Spartan Girls Soccer 2, Zillah 0 in Granger on Thursday, October 4th. Xochitl scored two penalty kicks in the second half to lead Granger.

First Half: No Scoring.
Second Half: Xochitl Chavez (G) PK 66:00, Xochitl Chavez (G) PK 71:oo.
Saves: Priscila Ramos (G) 3, Zillah 7.


Granger Spartan Girls Soccer defeated Ki-Be at home on Tuesday, October 2nd. Tobi Guisinger scored the tying goal and Mireya Carrasco scored the go ahead goal for Granger in the first half.

First Half: Ariel Lofton (KB) 9:00, Liliana Luna (G) 9:00, Ariel Lofton (KB) 17:00, Tobi Guisinger (G) 21:00, Mireya Carrasco (G) (Julie Salgado) 24:00, Xochitl Chavez (G) 32:00.
Second Half: Ariel Lofton (KB) 56:00.
Saves: Priscila Ramos (G) 5, Ki-Be 4.


Granger Spartan Girls Soccer lost 4-2 at home vs Cle Elum on Thursday, September 27th. Brenda Cuevas and Mireya Carrasco each scored for the Spartans. Priscila Ramos had 9 saves.

First Half: Grace Terrill (CE) 23:00.
Second Half: Grace Jackson (CE) (Penalty Kick) 55:00, Grace Terrill (CE) 60:00, Grace Terrill (CE) 67:00, Brenda Cuevas (G) 70:00, Mireya Carrasco (G) (Yaneli Torres) 78:00.
Saves: Karley Burrows (CE) 13, Priscila Ramos (G) 9


Granger Girls’ Soccer lost at La Salle 11-0 to La Salle on Tuesday, September 25th. Priscila Ramos had 15 saves for the Spartans.

First Half: Gillian Martin (L) 1:00, Lauren Desmarais (L) (Peyton McCrea) 6:00, Elle Lancaster (L) (Lily Lancaster) 23:00, Ellie Richardson (L) 37:00.
Second Half: Kamryn Fiscus (L) (Azul Ponce) 52:00, Gillian Martin (L) (Kamryn Fiscus) 59:00, Tatiana White (L) (Natalie Newman) 63:00, Gillian Martin (L) (Kamryn Fiscus) 67:00, Kamryn Fiscus (L) (Tatiana White) 71:00, Grace Liscano (L) 77:00, Peyton McCrea (L) (Kamryn Fiscus) 80:00.
Saves: Hayley Stohr (L) 0, Priscila Ramos (G) 15.


Granger Spartan Soccer lost 2-0 to Naches Valley at home on Thursday, September 20th.

First Half: No Scoring.
Second Half: Reese Washburn (N) (Torrie Hoover) 48:00, Faith Hahn-Landis (N) 52:00
Saves: Tanara Zieback (N) 5, Granger 9


Granger Girls Soccer lost 8-1 at Highland on Tuesday, September 18th. Mireya Carrasco scored the Spartans goal with Julie Salgado assisting.

First Half: Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Jackie Naranjo) 17:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Ivette Ramos) 27:00, Jasmine Silva (H) (Michelle Soto) 32:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Jasmine Silva) 35:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Jasmine Silva) 38:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Jackie Naranjo) 39:00.
Second Half: Mireya Carrasco (G) (Julie Salgado) 48:00, Gaby Gutierrez (H) (Ivette Ramos) 65:00, Michelle Soto (H) (Litzy Gabino) 70:00.
Saves Mariana Ramos (H) 3, Priscilla Ramos (G) 10.


Granger Girls’ Soccer defeated Goldendale at home 4-0 on Thursday, September 13th. Julie Salgado scored 2 goals, Brenda Cuevas scored 1 and had an assist, Yaneli Torres scored one, and Naydin Franco had an assist to lead the Spartans.

First Half: Julie Salgado (Naydin Franco) (G) 38:00
Second Half: Yaneli Torres (G) 48:00, Julie Salgado (Brenda Cuevas) (G) 52:00, Brenda Cuevas (G) 63:00
Saves: Priscilla Ramos (G) 7, Goldendale 6



Spartan Girls’ Soccer won 3-2 at Zillah on Tuesday, September 11th. Julie Salgado had the hat trick for Granger, Xochitl Chavez and Yaneli Torres had assists and Priscilla Ramos had 6 saves.

First Half: Julie Salgado, 19:00 (G); Makilie Hernandes, 24:00 (Z).
Second Half: Callie Delp 56:00 (Z); Julie Salgado 63:00 (Xochitl Chavez) (G); Julie Salgado 84:00 (Yaneli Torres) (G)
Saves: Priscilla Ramos 6 (G), Yarelli Sanchez 3 (Z)


Granger Girls Soccer lost 5-2 at Ki-Be on Thursday, September 6th. Mireya Carrasco and Xochitl Chavez both scored and Julie Salgado and Mireya Carrasco had assists for the Spartans.

First Half: Mireya Carrasco (Julie Salgado) 38:00
Second Half: Xochitl Chavez (Mireya Carrasco) 55:00
Saves: Priscila Ramos 8