Girls Soccer

Spartan Girls Soccer lost 6-1 at home to Cle Elum on Tuesday, October 29th. No results for Granger were reported.


Granger Girls Soccer lost 12-0 at La Salle on Thursday, October 24th.

Saves: Maria Rueda (G) 6, Litzy Maranda (G) 6


Spartan Girls Soccer lost at home 2-0 to Naches Valley on Tuesday, October 22nd.

First Half: 1 NV, Hannah Barber-15:00.

Second Half: 2 NV, Faith Hahn-Landis-79:00

Saves: Tanara Zieback (NV) 7, Litzy Miranda (G) 10.


Granger Spartan Girls Soccer lost at Highland 2-0 on Thursday, October 17th. Litzy Miranda had 9 saves in goal for the Spartans.

First Half: 1 Highland, Denise Pimentel-20:00; 2 Highland Ivette Ramos (jackie Naranjo)-22:00.

Second Half: No Scoring

Saves: Litzy Miranda (G) 9, Carolina Arceo (H) 3.


Granger Girls Soccer came back to win at home vs Goldendale 3-2. Granger was behind 1-0 at the half. Julie Salgado, Mareya Carrasco and Yaneli Torres each netted a goal.

First Half: 1 Goldendale-22:00.

Second Half: 2 Granger, Julie Salgado-54:00; 3 Granger, Mareya Carrasco (Yaneli Torres)-63:00; 4 Goldendale, (PK)-68:00; 5 Granger, Yaneli Torres-72:00.

Saves: Litzy Miranda (Gr) 11, Goldendale 11.


Spartan Girls Soccer defeated Zillah on the road 3-0 on Thursday, October 10th. No statistics were reported.


Spartan Girls Soccer lost 9-3 at Cle Elum on Thursday, October 3rd. Yaneli Torres, Maria Rueda, and Mireva Carrasco scored the goals for the Spartans.

First Half: 1 CE, Grace Terrill (Grace Jackson)-10:00; 2 CE, Grace Jackson-11:00; 3 G, Yaneli Torres-16:00; 4 CE, Anna Lashua-31:00; 5 CE, Grace Terrill (Grace Jackson)-34:00.

Second Half: 6 CE, Grace Terrill (Grace Jackson)-43:00; 7 G, Maria Rueda (Julie Salgado)-45:00; 8 CE, Grance Terrill (Grace Jackson)-52:00; 9 CE Grace Jackson (Jessica Copp)-61:00; 10 G, Mireya Carrasco-63:00; 11 CE, Anna Lashua (Ella Bridenback)-73:00; 12 CE, Grace Jackson-78:00.

Saves: Litzy Miranda (G) 12, Meadow Stone (CE) 3.


Spartan Soccer lost at home to La Salle 11-0 on Tuesday, October 1st.

First Half: 1 La Salle, Kendall Moore-1:00; 2 La Salle, Gillian Martin (Kendall Moore)-8:00; 3 La Salle, Gillian Martin (Rylee Goins)-12:00; 4 La Salle, Kendall Moore (Grace Liscano)-16:0; 5 La Salle, Natalie Newman (Kendall Moore)-17:00; 6 La Salle, Grace Liscano (Natalie Newman)-18:00; 7 La Salle, Gillian Martin (Azul Ponce)-21:00; 8 La Salle, Grace Liscano (Lilly Sigler)-27:00.

Second Half: 9 La Salle, Kendall Moore (Gillian Martin)-43:00; 10 La Salle, Gillian Martin-47:00; 11 La Salle, Lilly Sigler (Azul Ponce)-65:00.

Saves: Hayley Stohr (LS) 0, Alexis Torres (LS) 0, Taleena White (LS) 0; Granger 12.


Granger Spartan Girls Soccer lost 2-1 at Naches Valley on Thursday, September 26th. No Granger statistics were reported.

First Half: 1 Naches, Evin Harvey (Hannah Barber)-26:00.

Second Half: 2 Naches, Evin Harvey (Faith Hahn-Landis)-48:00; 3 Granger-50:00.

Saves: Tanara Zeibach (N) 7.


Granger Girls Soccer lost in overtime 2-1 at home to Highland on Tuesday, September 24th. Yaneli Torres scored the lone Spartan goal to tie the game in the first half. That is her 7th goal so far this season.

First Half: 1 Highland, Gaby Gutierrez (Jackie Naranjo)-6:00; 2 Granger, Yaneli Torres-29:00

Second Half: No Scorint

2 Overtime: 3 Highland, Gaby Gutierrez (Jackie Naranjo)

Saves: Carolina Arceo (H) 4, Litzi Miranda (G) 6.


Granger Girls Soccer defeated Goldendale 3-0 on the road on Thursday, September 19th. Yaneli Torres had 2 goals and Julie Salgado added another.

First Half: 1 Granger, Yaneli Torres (PK)-28:00; 2 Granger, Yaneli Torres-35:00.

Second Half: 3 Granger, Julie Salgado-65:00

Saves: Litzy Miranda (Gr) 7, Goldendale 3.



Spartan Girls Soccer defeated Zillah 7-0 at home on Tuesday, September 17th. Julie Salgado had a hat trick, Yaneli Torres added 2 goals and 2 assists, and Gissel Espinoza had 2 goals for Granger.

First Half: 1 Granger, Yaneli Torres-10:00; 2 Granger, Julie Salgado (Mia Carrasco)-20:00; 3 Granger, Gissel Espinoza (Yaneli Torres)-35:00.

Second Half: 4 Granger, Yaneli Torres-49:00; 5 Granger, Gissel Espinoza-54:0; 6 Granger, Julie Salgado (Yaneli Torres)-65:00; 7 Granger, Julie Salgado (Mia Carrasco)-75:00.

Saves: Litzy Miranda (G) 3, Yarelli Sanchez (Z) 10.


Granger Girls Soccer lost 7-2 at home to Ki-Be on Thursday, September 12th. Julie Salgado scored both Spartan goals. Litzy Miranda had 6 saves.

First Half: 1 Granger, Julie Salgado; 6:00.

Second Half: 2 Granger, Julie Salgado (Karime Juarez); 71:00.

Saves: Litzy Miranda (G) 6.

Granger Spartan Girls Soccer defeated Mabton 7-0 on the road on Tuesday, September 10th. Julie Salgado scored 3 goals and an assist and Yaneli Torres scored once and had 3 assists.

First Half: 1. Granger, Julie Salgado (Yaneli Torres) 14:00; 2. Granger, Mia Carrasco (Yaneli Torres) 15:00; 3. Granger, Yaneli Torres (PK) 31:00; 4. Granger, Julie Salgado (Joana Jaramillo) 38:00.

Second Half: 5. Granger, Julie Salgado (Yaneli Torres) 47:00; 6. Granger, Mia Carrasco (PK) 50:00; 7. Granger, Rosalinda Alvarez (Julie Salgado) 53:00.

Saves: Litzy Miranda (G) 3, Mabton 18.


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