Cross Country


Spartan Cross Country ran at the State Meet at Sun Willows in Pasco on Saturday, November 4th. Granger senior Alfonso Price made the podium placing 16th in 16:25.00.


Granger Cross Country ran at District at Apple Ridge on Thursday, October 26th. Alfonso Price qualified for the State Meet by placing 9th with a time of 16:34.5

Boys Results: 9th Alfonso Price 16:34.5, 26th Omar Solis-Meza 17:29.8, 43rd Josh Rendon 18:33.3, 56th Tony Franco 19:02.6, 62nd Jovanni Solis-Meza 19:33.9, 64th Jose Gil-Martinez 19:46.5, 79th Jonathan Salazar 26:12.7
Girls Results: 47th McKenna Cruz 26:20.3, 49th Maritza Qintero 27:35.9, 54th Keely Guisinger 32:53.2


Spartan Cross Country ran at Connell on Thursday, October 19th.

Boys Results: 2nd Alfonso Price 16:55.97, 12th Omar Solis-Meza 18:18.63, 26th Tony Franco 19:45.62, 27th Josh Rendon 20:04.89, 29th Jovanni Solis-Meza 20:15.37, 30th Jose Gil-Martinez 20:29.62
Girls Results: 20th McKenna Cruz 27:46.00, 21st Maritza Quintero 28:21.00, 26th Keely Guisinger 32:46.33


Granger Cross Country ran at Wahluke on Thursday, October 12th.

Boys Results: 1st Alfonso Price 17:20, 4th Omar Solis-Meza 18:33, 9th Jovanni Solis 20:13, 10th Tony Franco 20:15, 12th Joshua Rendon 20:27, 15th Abel Orduno 21:01, 28th Jonathan Salazar 28:39
Girls Results: 11th Maritza Quintero 29:54, 12th Keely Guisinger 30:18

Spartan Cross Country ran at home on Thursday, October 5th.
Boys Results: 1st Alfonso Price 17:40, 2nd Omar Solis-Meza 18:38, 9th Kevin Roman 19:56, 10th Jovanni Solis 20:06, 11th Tony Franco 20:15, 12th Jose Gil-Martinez 20:21, 18th Abel Orduno 20:51, 21st Joshua Rendon 21:38, 34th Jonathan Salazar 29:35
Girls Results: 4th McKenna Cruz 27:42, 7th Maritza Qintero 29:23, 8th Keely Guisinger 30:06


Spartan Cross Country ran at the Sunfair Invitational on Saturday, September 30th.
Boys Results: #7 runner-27th Josh Rendon 21:09.21, #6 runner-28th Tony Franco 20:24.84, #5 runner-Abel Orduno 20:03.85, #3 runner-28th Kevin Roman 19:18.74, #2 runner-22nd Omar Solis-Meza 18:17.42 & 33rd Jovanni Solis-Meza 20:14.28, #1 runner-12th Alfonso Price 16:37.47.
Girls Results: #7 runner- 48th McKenna Cruz 28:27.05, #6 runner- 52nd Maritza Quintero 29:51.57.



Spartan Cross Country ran at Royal City on Thursday, September 28th.
Boys Results: 3rd Alfonso Price 17:48.2, 5th Omar Solis-Meza 18:26.1, 16th Kevin Roman 20:06.4, 17th Jovanni Solis-Meza 20:07.1, 21st Josh Rendon 20:37.2, 25th Jose Gil-Martinez 21:00.9, 26th Abel Orduno 21:07.7
Girls Results: 22nd McKenna Cruz 30:13.6, 25th Maritza Quintero 33:06.3, 26th Keely Guisinger 33:48.3.


Spartan Cross Country ran at the Connell Invite on Saturday, September 23rd.
Boys 5000m Results: 6th Alfonso Price 16:44.45, 28th Omar Solis-Meza 18:51.33, 50th Jose Gil-Martinez 19:46.94, 64th Abel Orduno 20:21.27, 65th Tony Franco 20:25.28, 72nd Josh Rendon 20:43.63,
Girls JV Results: 19th Maritza Qintero 29:11.56, 20th McKenna Cruz 29:17.99, 24th Keely Guisinger 29:58.16.

Spartan Cross Country ran at the Apple Ridge Invite on Saturday, September 16th.
Boys Results: 29th Alfonso Price 17:59.6, 32nd Omar Solis-Meza 18:02.0, 49th Kevin Roman 18:30.8, 80th Josh Rendon 19:07.7
Girls Results: 88th McKenna Cruz 26:43.2, 100th Maritza Qintero 28:05.2, 104th Keely Guisinger 28:48.4