Cross Country

Granger Spartan Cross Country competed with 2 entries into the Boys State Meet at Pasco’s Sun Willows Golf Course on Saturday, November 8th.

Boys Results: 67th Carlos Perez 17:31.0, 110th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18:07.2.


Spartan Cross Country ran in the District Meet at Apple Ridge on Thursday, October 31st. Carlos Perez placed 13th and Brian Cortez-Cervantes placed 20th to qualify for the State Meet.

Boys Results: 13th Carlos Perez 17:03.8, 20th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 17:18.5, 26th Manuel Torres 17:37.3, 49th Brentin Bird 18:49.8, 56th Jose Vargas 19:33.8, 64th RJ Realand 20:34.0, 72nd Benjamin Gonzalez 22:59.5.


Spartan Cross Country ran a league meet at Wahluke on Thursday, October 25th. Carlos Perez took 1st place with a time of 17:49.06.

Results: 1st Carlos Perez 17:49.06, 7th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18:28.36, 11th Manuel Torres 19:26.08, 13th Jose Vargas 19:51.46, 17th Brentin Bird 20:31.30, 22nd RJ Realand 21:39.49, 32 Benjamin Gonzalez 24:12.57, 33rd Elijah Guisinger 24:13.30.


Spartan Cross Country ran at a league meet in College Place on Thrusday, October 17th.

Boys Results: 3rd Carlos Perez 18:37.91, 4th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18L38.25, 9th Manuel Torres 18:55.9, 17th Brentin Bird 20:28.36, 20th Jose Vargas 20:39.52, 6th Elijah Guisinger 23:58.84, 38th Critian Cuevas 24:21.28, 39th Benjamin Gonzalez 24:21.68


Granger Spartan Cross Country ran at the Max Jensen Richland Invitation at Charmichael Middle School in Richland on Saturday, October 12th.

Boys Results: 96th Carlos Perez 17:37.59, 97th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 17:41.70, 100th Manuel Torres 18:07.22, 103rd Brentin Bird 18:44.89, 104th Jose Vargas 19:14.18.


Granger Cross Country ran at Naches Valley in a league meet on Thursday, October 10th.

Boys Results: 6th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18:28.5, 8th Carlos Perez 18:41.0, 14th Manuel Torres 19:06.9, 33rd Jose Vargas 20:47.9, 34th Brentin Bird 20:52.9,  49th RJ Realand 22:27.8, 58th Elijah Guisinger 24:49.5, 59th Benjamin Gonzalez 24:55.0, 60th Cristian Cuevas 25:30.0.


Spartan Cross Country ran at the Pasco Bulldog Invite on Saturday, October 5th.

Boys Results: 26th Carlos Perez 18:10.49, 41st Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18:56.75, 65th Jose Vargas 20:41.04, 69th Brentin Bird 21:12.89, 80th Leonides Gonzalez 26:37.


Granger Cross Country ran at Apple Ridge on Thursday, October 3.

Boys Results: 12th Brian Coretz-Cervantes 18:11.9, 14th Carlos Perez 18:22.3; 15th Manuel Torres 18:24.9, 27th Jose Vargas 19:43.2, 43rd Brentin Bird 20:26.3, Cristian Cuevas 24:17.4, 82nd Elijah Guisinger 24:41.8, 83rd Benjamin Gonzalez 25:04.5


Granger Spartan Cross Country competed at the Connell Invite on Saturday, September 28th.

Boys Results: 36th Carlos Perez 18:39.6, 55th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 19:11.0, 113th RJ Realand 21:38.9, 119th Brentin Bird 21:59.2, 125th Jose Vargas 22:14.4, 134th James Torres 22:55.6.


Granger Spartan Cross Country ran at the Apple ridge Run Invitational at Apple Ridge course on Saturday, September 21st.

Boys Results (3 Mile Varsity 2 Race): 43rd Brian Cortez-Cervantes 18:35.5, 88th Carlos Perez 19:35.3, 140th Brentin Bird 21:08.0, 150 Jose Vargas 21:39.9, 183rd Benjamin Gonzalez 27:45.4, 18th Elijah Guisinger 32:37.3.




Granger Spartan Cross Country ran at the Ellensburg Invitational Relays on Saturday, September 7th in a 1.5 mile race.

Boys Results: 6th Carlos Perez 9:04, 8th Brian Cortez-Cervantes 9:18, 9th Manuel Torres 9:21, 22nd Jose Vargas 10:38, 45th Elijah Guisinger 16:40.

Girls Results: No girl competitors.