Granger Spartan Wrestling State Champions!


Spartans score 198 points. Second highest point total in Yakima Valley history.

Girls Results: 110 lbs Viktorya Torres State Champion, 120 lbs Mayu Molina 5th Place

Boys Results: 106 Jeremiah Salcedo 5th and Damean Flores 7th, 120 lbs Diego Isiordia 7th, 126 lbs Chuco Cisneros State Champion, 132 lbs Juan Isiordia 2nd and Juan Arteaga 8th, 145 lbs Franky Almaguer State Champion, 152 Robert Berger 5th and Tony Almaguer 6th, 160 lbs Robert Vasquez 6th, 195 lbs Juan Zamora State Champion, 220 lbs Noel Orozco State Champion

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Granger Girls Regional Wrestling: Champion Mayu Molina, 2nd Viktorya Torres


Granger Spartan Wrestling Regional Champions!

Granger Team score 359, Sultan 224.5, Zillah 157

Champions: 106 Jeremiah Salcedo, 120 Diego Isiordia, 126 Chucko Cisneros, 132 Juan Isiordia, 138 Niko Garcia, 152 Robert Berger, 160 Robert Vasquez, 195 Juan Zamora, 220 Noe Orozco

2nd Place: 106 Damean Flores, 120 Aaron Cardoza, Juan Arteaga, Tony Almaguer

3rd: 145 Franky Almaguer

5th: 113 Richard Flores, 170 Roman Olivera, 285 Jose Mendoza

6th 170 Jose Campos


Spartan Wrestlers win District Title at Zillah on Saturday, February 4th. Team Scores: 1st Granger 331.5, 2nd Zillah 270.5. Placers: 1st: 106 lbs. Jeremiah Salcedo, 2nd Damean Flores; 113 lbs. 3rd Richard Flores; 120 lbs. 1st Diego Isiordia, 2nd Aaron Cardoza; 126 lbs.1st  Chuco Cisneros; 132 lbs 1st Juan Isiordia, 2nd Juan Artega; 138 lbs. 1st Niko Garza; 145 lbs. 2nd Franky Almaguer; 152 lbs. 1st Robert Berger, 2nd Tony Almaguer; 160 lbs. 1st Robert Vasquez; 170 lbs. 2nd Roman Olivera, 4th Jose Campos; 195 lbs. 1st Juan Zamora; 220 lbs. 1st Noe Orozco; 285 lbs. 1st Jose Mendoza.

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League Champions!


Granger Wrestling 69, Goldendale 6 at Goldendale Thursday, January 26th. Results: 113: Jeremiah Salcedo (Gr) p. Reis Long, 1:20. 120: 126: Diego Isiordia (Gr) tf. Corbin Riley, 15-0. 132: Juan Ortega (Gr) won by f. 138: Juanito Isiordia (Gr) p. Lucas Anderson, 3:24. 145: Frankie Almaguer (Gr) p. Brian Waddell, 1:50. 152: Anthony Almaguer (Gr) won by f. 160: Robert Berger (Gr) d. Mykhail Lembke, 7-1. 170: Robert Vasquez (Gr) p. Michael Jagelski, 4:21. 182: Jose Campos (Gr) p. Dylan Denning, 1:12. 195: Juan Zamora (Gr) p. Cameron Read, 1:59. 220: Noe Orozco (Gr) won by f. 285: Jose Mendoza (Gr) won by f.


Granger Spartan Wrestling defeated Zillah 64-7 at Zillah on Monday, January 16th. Results: 195 lbs Juan Zamora, 220 lbs Noel Orozco, 285 lbs Jose Mendoza, 113 lbs Jermiah Salcedo, 120 lbs Diego Isiordia, 126 lbs Chuco Cisneros, 132 lbs Juan Isiordia, 138 lbs J.J. Artega, 145 lbs Franky Almageur, 152 lbs Tony Almaguer, 160 lbs Robert Berger, & 170 lbs Roberto Vasquez were winners.


Spartan Boys Wrestling competed at the Gut-Check Invitational and placed 5th (highest placing for a 1A school) on Saturday, January 7th. Results: 106 lbs. 8th Fabian Flores, 120 7th Diego Isiordia, 132 4th Frankie Almaguer, 220 lbs. 1st Noel Orozco.

Granger Girls Wrestling competed at Kelso on Saturday, January 7th. Results: 100 lbs. 6th Makalla Riggs, 110 lbs. 1st Viktorya Torres, 120 lbs. 1st Mayu Molina.


Granger Wrestling competed at home on Thursday, January 5th.

Granger defeated River View 82-0 Results: 145: Franky Almaguer (G) p. Carlos Garcia. 152: Tony Almaguer (G) p. Joel Rodriguez. 160: Robert Berger (G) won by forfeit. 170: Robert Vasquez (G) p. Andrew Flores. 182: Ramon Olivera (G) p. Roel Rojas. 195: Bubba Zamora (G) p. Devin Robert. 220: Noel Orozco (G) won by forfeit. 285: Jose Mendoza (G) won by forfeit. 106: Fabian Flores (G) won by forfeit. 113: Omar Solis (G) won by forfeit. 120: Diego Isiordia (G) won by forfeit. 126: Richard Flores (G) md. Miles Lozier, 14-2. 132: Juan Isiordia (G) won by forfeit. 138: Juan Ortega (G) p. Miles Barry.

Girls — 105: Mikayla Riggs (G) p. Savannah Ross (Go). 125: Mayu Molina (G) p. Faith Hastings (Go).

Granger defeated Burbank 81-0 Results: 145: Franky Almaguer (G) p. Joel Cisneros. 152: Tony Almaguer (G) won by forfeit. 160: Robert Berger (G) p. Jason Cole. 170: Robert Vasquez (G) won by forfeit. 182: Ramon Olivera (G) won by forfeit. 195: Bubba Zamora (G) won by forfeit. 220: Noel Orozco (G) won by forfeit. 285: Jose Mendoza (G) won by forfeit. 106: Fabian Flores (G) won by forfeit. 113: Damian Flores (G) won by forfeit. 120: Diego Isiordia (G) won by forfeit. 126: Aaron Cardoza (G) p. Seth Brown. 132: Juan Isiordia (G) won by forfeit. 138: Niko Garza (G) d. Alexis Magallon, 11-4.

Granger defeated Royal 67-10 Results: 152: Tony Almaguer (G) md. Regan Callahan, 13-2. 160: Robert Berger (G) p. Jose Galindo. 170: Robert Vasquez (G) p. Jacob Joslan. 182: Ramon Olivera (G) p. Jack Diaz. 195: Bubba Zamora (G) p. Jose Jimenez. 220: Noel Orozco (G) p. Ryder Eilers. 285: Jose Mendoza (G) p. Lloan Farias. 106: Fabian Flores (G) p. Rodolfo Flores. 113: Damian Flores (G) won by forfeit. 120: Diego Isiordia (G) won by forfeit. 132: Juan Isiordia (G) d. Abraham Medina, 4-3. 145: Franky Almaguer (G) p. Aidan Belker.



Granger Spartan Wrestling placed 2nd at the Cadet Classic Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, December 17th scoring 222 points just behind Toppenish with 253.5 points. 106 lbs 5th Fabian Flores, 113 lbs 5th Jeremiah Salcedo, 120 lbs 3rd Richard Flores, 1265th Diego Isiordia, 132 lbs 1st Juan Isiordia, 138 lbs 3rd Chuco Cisneros, 145 lbs 3rd Niko Garza, 160 lbs 3rd Robert Berger, 170 lbs 2nd Robert Vasquez, 195 lbs 1st Juan Zamora, 220 lbs 1st Noel Orozco, 285 3rd Jose Mendoza.


Granger Wrestling won the Tony Salvidar Memorial Ironman Invitational Tournament in Granger on Saturday, December 10th with 242 points (second ad 123.5). Placers: 106 lbs. 2nd Angel Roman, 3rd Makayla Riggs; 113 lbs. 1st Jeremiah Salcedo; 120 lbs. 3rd Richard Flores; 126 lbs. 1st Diego Isiordia; 132 lbs. 1st Chuco Cisneros, 2nd Isaac Guillen; 138 lbs. 1st Juan Isiordia; 145 lbs. 1st Franky Almaguer; 152 lbs. 1st Tony Almaguer; 160 lbs. 2nd Robert Berger; 170 lbs. 3rd Ramon Olivera; 220 lbs. 1st Noel Orozco, 2nd Juan Zamora; 285 lbs. 4th Jose Mendoza.


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Granger Spartan Wrestling placed 2nd at the Deer Park Invitational Tournament on Saturday, December 3rd. Results: 113 lbs. 2nd Jeremiah Salcedo, 120 lbs. 6th Richard Flores, 126 lbs. 6th Diego Isiordia, 138 lbs. 2nd Juan Isiordia, 145 lbs. 1st Frankie Almaguer, 152 lbs. Tony Almaguer, 160 lbs. 3rd Robert Berger, 220 lbs. 1st Noel Orozco, 285 lbs. 3rd Jose Mendoza.


Granger Wrestler competed at the Davis Invite on Saturday, December 3rd. Results: 138 lbs. Chuco Cisneros placed 2nd, 138 lbs. Juan Arteaga placed 3rd.


Spartan Wrestlers competed at the Eisenhower Takedown Tournament on Monday, November 28th.

Boys Results: 120 lbs. Diego Irodiar 2nd, 126 lbs. Arturo Ayala 2nd, 160 lbs. Robert Berger 2nd, 179 lbs. Robert Vasquez 3rd, 285 lbs. Jose Mendoza 2nd.

Girls Results: 105 lbs. Natalia Roman 1st, 125 lbs. Mayu Molina 1st & Victoria Torres 2nd.