Granger Boys Wrestling competed at the State Tournament in Tacoma on Friday, February 16th and Saturday, February 17th placing 5th as a team.

Results: 106 lbs. 5th Place Jeremiah Salcedo, 120 lbs. 8th Place Ramiro Jimenez, 132 lbs. 7th Place Juan Arteaga, 145 lbs. 1st Place Juan Isiordia, 152 lbs. 5th Place Diego Isiordia, 160 lbs. 2nd Place Robert Berger, & 285 lbs. 4th Place Jose Mendoza.


Granger Spartan Girls Wrestling competed at the State Tournament in Tacoma on Friday, February 16th and Saturday, February 17th.

Results: 115 lbs. 2nd Place Viktorya Torres

Granger Girls Wrestling placed 5th and sent 3 wrestlers to State at the Spokane Regional Tournament on Saturday, February 10th.

Results: 1st Place: 115 lbs Viktorya Torres; 2nd Place: 100 lbs Nizhoni Tallman; 3rd Place: 105 lbs Liliana Luna.


Granger Boys Wrestling placed 2nd at Regional at Sultan on Saturday, February 10th. Granger had 5 champions and sent 8 wrestlers to state.

Results: 1st Place: 120 lbs Ramiro Jimenez, 132 lbs Juan Arteaga, 145 lbs Juan Isiordia, 152 lbs Diego Isiordia, 160 lbs Robert Berger; 2nd Place: 106 lbs Jeremiah Salcedo, 285 lbs Jose Mendoza; 3rd Place 170 lbs Ramon Olivera.


Spartan Girls Wrestling competed in the Sub-Regional in Granger on Saturday, February 3rd.

Results: champion 115 lbs Viktorya Torres; 2nd Place 100 lbs. Nizhoni Tallman, 105 lbs. Liliana Luna; 5th 105 lbs. Makalya Riggs.


Granger Spartan Boys Wrestling competed in the District Tournament in Granger on Saturday, February 3rd. The team placed 2nd.

Results: champions 106 lbs. Jeremiah Salcedo, 132 lbs, Juan Arteaga, 145 lbs. 145 lbs. Juan Isiordia, 152 lbs. Diego Isiordia, 160 lbs. Robert Berger and 285 lbs. Jose Mendoza; 2nd Place 170 lbs. Ramon Olivera; 3rd Place 120 lbs. Ramion Jimenez; 4th Place 170 lbs. Bernardo Monreal.


Spartan Wrestling placed 6th at the Rumble in the Valley in Prosser on Saturday, January 20th.

Results: 132 lbs Juan Arteaga 4th, 145 lbs Juan Isiordia 1st, 152 lbs Diego Isiordia 3rd, 160 lbs Robert Berger 2nd, 170 lbs Ramon Olivera 5th, 285 lbs Jose Mendoza 4th


Spartan Girls Wrestling competed at Othello on Saturday, January 13th.

Results: 100 lbs Nizhoni Tallman 2nd, 115 lbs Viktorya Torres 1st.


Granger Wrestling lost to Zillah 46-31 on Thursday, January 11th.

Results: 145: Juan Isiordia (G) p. Eric de la Rosa, 1:38. 160: Robert Berger (G) p. Quinton Rogers-Burnett, 2:56. 170: Diego Isiordia (G) md. Tristan DeOchoa, 14-1. 285: Jose Mendoza (G) won by forfeit. 113: Jeremiah Salcedo (G) p. Jesus Alejandre, 1:03. 120: Viktorya Torres (G) d. Dawson Husted, 7-4.


Granger Boys Wrestling competed at the Gut Check Invite in Bremerton on Saturday, January 6th. Placing 126 lbs Juan Arteaga 8th, 145 lbs Juan Isiordia 2nd


Granger Spartan Girls Wrestling competed at the Kelso Invite on Saturday, January 6th. Placing: 115 lbs Viktorya Torres 1st,  100 lbs Nizhoni Tallman 6th.


Spartan Boys Basketball won at home 60-42 vs Highland on Friday, January 6th. David Soliz scored 23, Andre Castro Scored 18, Trevor Smith had


Granger Spartan Wrestling won 45-24 over Naches Valley on Tuesday, January 2nd

Champions: 152 lbs Juan Isiordia, 170 lbs Diego Isiordia, 182 lbs Robert Berger, 220 lbs Jorge Monreal, 285 lbs Jose Mendoza, 113 lbs Jeremiah Salcedo, 130 lbs Viktorya Torres, 126 lbs Omar Soliz, 138 lbs Juan Arteaga.


Spartan Wrestling Competed at the Hanford Winter Cup on Saturday, December 30th. Placers: 106 lbs. 2nd Angel Roman, 113 lbs 5th Jeremiah Salcedo,  138 lbs 6th Juan Arteaga, 145 lbs 1st Juan Isiordia, 170 lbs Robert Berger.


Spartan Wrestlers competed at the Cadet Classic on Saturday, December 16th. The Spartans placed 7th.

Results:113 lbs Jeremiah Salcedo 3rd, 120 lbs Ramiro Jiminez 5th, 138 lbs Juan Arteaga 3rd, 145 lbs Juan Isiordia 1st, 170 lbs Robert Berger 3rd, 285 lbs Jose Mendoza 3rd.



Granger Wrestling placed 2nd at the Granger Tony Saldivar Memorial Ironman Tournament on Saturday, December 9th. Granger had wins from Jeremiah Salcedo (113), Juan Arteaga (138), Juan Isiordia (145), Robert Berger (170) and Jorge Monreal (195).

Granger Results: 106 lbs. 1st Jeremiah Salcedo, 120 lbs. 2nd Ramiro Jimenez, 138 lbs. 1st Juan Artega, 145 lbs. Juan Isiordia, 170 lbs. 1st Robert Berger, 195 lbs. 1st Jorge Monreal.


Granger Wrestling defeated Ki-Be and College Place in Granger on December 7th. No results were reported.


Granger Spartan Wrestling competed at the Deer Park Invitational Placing 7th as a team on Saturday, December 2nd.

Results: 113 lbs Salcedo 4th, 120 lbs Jimenez 5th, 145 lbs Juan Isidioria 1st, 170 lbs Robert Berger 1st, 285 Mendoza 5th.


Granger Wrestling competed at the IKE takedown Jamboree on Tuesday, November 28th.

Placers: 113 lbs Jeremiah Falcedo, 170 lbs 3rd Robert Berger, 285 lbs 3rd Jose Mendoza

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