Track and Field

Track competed at Naches Valley in District on Friday, may 19th.

Boys Results Qualifying for State: 100m 4th Keanu Cantu 11.74, 800m 4th Eric Ang 2:04.11, 1600m 4th Alfonso Price 4:41.72, 3200m 3rd Alfonso Price 10:24.11.

Girls Results Qualifying for State: Javelin 3rd Mayu Molina 120-09.


Granger Track competed at Sub-District at Highland on Thursday, May 11th.

Boys Results: 100m 3rd Keanu Cantu 12.17; 200m 5th Keanu Cantu 24.71, 8th Jonathan Ornales 26.05, 10th Bryan Vasquez 26.53; 400m 6th Bryan Vasquez 59.01, 7th Ivan Bustamante 1:01.82, 8th Josh Ramirez 1:03.1; 800m 2nd Eric Ang 2:10.49, 6th Aaron Cardoza 2:20.34, 8th Kevin Roman 2:21.29; 1600m 3rd Alfonso Price 4:50.73; 3200m 4th Alfonso price 10:59.01; 110m Hurdles 4th Jonathan Ornales 21.07; 4x400m Relay 3rd Bryan Vasquez-Jonathan Ornales-Aaron Cardoza-Eric Ang 3:53.12; Shot Put 1st Matthew Cumpston 44-01, 6th Jose Mendoza 40-03; Discus 3rd Matthew Cumpston 120-00, 5th Mario Bermudez 110-10, 7th Jose Mendoza 107-01; Javelin 3rd Keanu Cantu 121-09, 10th Cade Stewart 106.

Girls Results: 400m 5th Isamar Solorio 1:11.55, 7th Savanna Hicks 1:23.45; 800m 6th Victoria Nunez 3:00.48, 8th McKenna Cruz 3:32.7; 1600m 7th Victoria Nunez 6:30.42; 3200m 10th McKenna Cruz 16:32.38; 4x200m Relay 4th Isamar Solorio-Savanna Hicks-Victoria Nunez-Mayu Molina 2:16.64; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 31-09, 4th Mayu Molina 31-0, 5th Lily Stewart 29-01; Discus 4th Emma Stewart 86-06, 8th Lily Stewart 74-02, 9th Sol Sandoval 71-05; Javelin 1st Mayu Molina 113-04; Triple Jump 8th Mayu Molina 28-01.5.


Spartan Track competed at the Ron Vanderholm Invitation at Royal on Friday, May 6th.

Boys Results: 200m 17th Bryan Vasquez 25.44; 400m 15th Bryan Vasquez 1:00.62, 20th Jonathan Ornales 1:04.56; 800m 14th Kevin Roman 2:26.7; 1600m 8th Alfonso Price 4:48.42, 13th Aaron Cardoza 5:13.84; 3200m 4th Alfonso Price 10:39.78, 13th Aaron Cardoza 11:42.87;  300m Hurdles 13th Ivan Bustamante 54.73; 4x100m Relay 9th Eric Ang-Kevin Roman-Jonathan Ornalez-Bryan Vasquez 50.51; 4x400m Relay 9th Bryan Vasquez-Jonathan Ornales-Ivan Bustamante-Eric Ang 4:04.76; Shot Put 5th Matthew Cumpston 45-01, 8th Jose Mendoza 41-05; Discus 7th Matthew Cumpston 118-09.5, 10th Jose Mendoza 109-05; Javelin 16th Damian Diaz 118-07.

Girls Results: 100m 12th Mayu Molina 13.96; 200m 18th Isamar Solorio 31.64; 400m 17th Isamar Solorio 1:14.18, 19th Savanna Hicks 1:22.58; 800m 17th Victoria Nunez 3:08.92; 1600m 15th McKenna Cruz 7:24.40; 4x100m Relay 12th Mayu Molina-Victoria Nunez-Savanna Hicks-Isamar Solorio 1:00.45; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 33-07.0, 8th Lily Stewart 30-03.0; Discus 5th Emma Stewart 86-11, 18th Lily Stewart 60-07.5; Javelin 2nd Mayu Molina 113-09, 19th Sol Sandoval 62-06.


Granger Track competed at Naches Valley on Friday, April 28th.

Boys Results: 100m 4th Keanu Cantu 12.26; 20om 2nd Keanu Cantu 25.51, 14th Bryan Vasquez 26.92; 400m 13th Bryan Vasquez 57.31; 800m 10th Eric Ang 2:20.75, 12th Kevin Roman 2:24.58; 1600m 4th Alfonso Price 4:54.40, 14th Aaron Cardoza 5:20.89; 3200m 4th Alfonso Price 10:47.12, 10th Aaron Cardoza 11:47.37; 300m Hurdles 15th Ivan Bustamante 54.75; 4x100m Relay 7th Eric Ang-Bryan Vasquez-Jonathan Ornales-Keanu Cantu 47.52; 4x400m Relay 9th Jonathan Ornales-Bryan Vasquez-Deanu Cantu-Eric Ang 4:12.56; Shot Put 4th Matthew Cumpston 45-09, 7th Jose Mendoza 43-02.75; Discus 10th Matthew Cumpston 101-06, 14th Jose Mendoza 94-09; Javelin 13th Cade Stewart 118; Long Jump 14th Nico Chavez 17-05.

Girls Results: 100m 11th Mayu Molina 14.43; 200m 14th Isamar Solorio 32.64; 400m 12th Isamar Solorio 1:10.44; 800m 11th Victoria Nunez 2:57.40; 1600m 11th Victoria Nunez 6:28.31, 14th McKenna Cruz 7:46.10; 3200m 11th McKenna Cruz 16:41.25; 4x400m Relay 10th Isamar Solorio-Savanna Hicks-Victoria Nunez-Mayu Molina 5:09.68; Shot Put 6th Emma Stewart 31-00.5, 14th Lily Stewart 27-01; Discus 4th Emma Stewart 93; Javelin 4th Mayu Molina 113-10.


Granger Spartan Track competed at Naches on Tuesday, April 25th.

Boys Results: 100m 3rd Nico Chavez 12.98, 6th Jonathan Ornales 13.61; 200m 3rd Keanu Cantu 25.15, 4th Bryan Vasquez 26.23; 400m 1st Bryan Vasquez 58.17, 2nd Ivan Bustamante 1:02.22, 4th Josh Ramirez 1:02.75, 5th Kevin Roman 1:04.37; 800m 1st Eric Ang 2:08.64, 3rd Alfonso Price 2:19.37, 5th Aaron Cardoza 2:29,49; 1600m 1st Alfonso Price 4:56.59, 3rd Aaron Cardoza 5:22.88, 5th Ivan Bustamante 5:48.00; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:52.45, 2nd Aaron Cardoza 11:44.20, 4th Josh Ramirez 12:58.57; 4x400m Relay 2nd Eric Ang-Jonathan Ornales-Bryan Vasquez-Keanu Cantu; Shot Put 2nd Jose Mendoza 42-04.5, 4th Matthew Cumpston 41-11.00; Discus 2nd Matthew Cumpston 115-11, 3rd Jose Mendoza 109.03; Javelin 3rd Keanu Cantu 129-04.

Girls Results: 200m 5th Isamar Solorio 32.45; 400m 2nd Isamar Solorio 1:09.95, 3rd Savanna Hicks 1:17.90, 4th Victoria Nunez 1:22.91, 5th Samantha Turner 1:26.33; 800m 1st Victoria Nunez 2:59.36; 1600m Victoria Nunez 6:21.98; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 32-08.5, 4th Lily Stewart 29-09.0, 5th Mayu Molina 28-11.75; Discus 3rd Mayu Molina 85-05, 4th Emma Stewart 84-10; Javelin 1st Mayu Molina 109-06;

Granger Spartan Track competed at the Prosser Rotary Invite on Saturday, April 22nd.

Boys Results: 100m 15th Keanu Cantu 12.02; 200m 12th Keanu Cantu 25.12; 800m 6th Eric Ang 2:11.37, 13th Alfonso Price 2:17.04; 1600m 8th Alfonso Price 4:53.66; 3200m 10th Alfonso Price 10:56.55; 4x100m Relay 10th-Eric Ang, Jonathan Ornales, Bryan Vasquez, Keanu Cantu 47.66; 4x400m Relay 6th Eric Ang, Aaron Cardoza, Kevin Roman, Bryan Vasquez 3:57.80; Shot Put 7th Matthew Cumpston 43-07.0, 12th Jose Mendoza 40-06.0; Discus 8th Matthew Cumpston 117-11;

Girls Results: 200m 18th Isamar Solorio 31.33; 800m McKenna Cruz 3:24.33; 1600m Victoria Nunez 6:26.19; Shot Put 10th Emma Stewart 31-11.5; Discus 19th Emma Stewart 84-06; Javelin 4th Mayu Molina 119-06.


Spartan Track competed at Royal on Monday, April 17th.

Boys Results: 200m 8th Bryan Vasquez 25.89; 400m 11th Bryan Vasquez 1:01.69, 14th Josh Ramirez 1:04.49; 800m 3rd Eric Ang 2:12.28, 7th Alfonso Price 2:15.20, 11th Aaron Cardoza 2:26.44, 15th Ivan Bustamante 2:32.43; 1600m 13th Ivan Bustamante 5:42.70; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:40.95; 300m Hurdles 10th Jonathan Ornales 50.95; 4x100m Relay 4th 49.68; 4x400m Relay 4th 3:57.24; Shot Put 1st Mathew Cumpston 44-00.0, 3rd Jose Mendoza 41-02.5, 11th Mario Bermudez 33-08.0, 12th Cade Stewart 32-11.0; Discus 3rd Matthew Cumpston 111-06, 5th Jose Mendoza 102-10, 10th Damian Diaz 87-04, 11th Cade Stewart 87-01, 14th Pedro De Leon 85-01; Javelin 7th Cade Stewart 112-02.

Girls Results: 100m 14th Mayu Molina 14.69; 200m 11th Isamar Solorio 31.72; 400m 7th Isamar Solorio 1:15.85, 13th Samantha Turner 1:27.09, 14th McKenna Cruz 1:36.64; 800m 9th Victoria Nunez 3:08.96, 11th McKenna Cruz 3:34.17, 12th Samantha Turner 3:34.81; 1600m 14th McKenna Cruz 7:41.03; 4x200m Relay 3rd 2:09.07; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 30-11.0, 3rd Mayu Molina 27-11.5, 13th Lily Stewart 22-05.0; Discus 1st Emma Stewart 93-02, 14th Sol Sandoval 66-00; Javelin Mayu Molina 114-06, 11th Emma Stewart 75-10.


Spartan Track competed at Cle Elum on Tuesday, April 11th.

Boys Results: 100m 5th Nico Chavez 12.4, 12th Jonathan Ornales 13.06; 200m 7th Bryan Vasquez 26.36, 8th Kevin Roman 28.89; 400m 6th Bryan Vasquez 1:00.47, 9th Kevin Roman 1:05.01, 10th Josh Ramirez 1:05.04, 12th Ivan Bustamante 1:06.89; 800m 1st Eric Ang 2:14.18, 2nd Alfonso Price 2:17.98, 7th Ivan Bustamante 2:44.42; 1600m 2nd Alfonso Price 5:00.94, 12th Aaron Cardoza & Ivan Bustamante 5:39.82; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 11:03.94, 5th Aaron Cardoza 12:27.00; 4x100m Relay 2nd Eric Ang, Jonathan Ornales, Nico Chavez, Keanu Cantu 50.54; 4x400m Relay 2nd Keanu Cantu, Jonathan Ornales, Nico Chavez, Eric Ang 4:01.83 – 3rd Bryan Vasquez, Ivan Bustamante, Josh Ramirez, Kevin Roman 4:25.23; Shot Put 1st Matthew Cumpston 42-08.0, 2nd Jose Mendoza 42-04.0, 9th Damian Diaz 34-01.00,  10th Damian Diaz 33-02.0, 14th Cade Stewart 31-04.0; Discus 2nd Matthew Cumpston 111-07, 3rd Jose Mendoza 104-10, 8th Damian Diaz 85-07, 10th Cade Stewart 83-05, 12th Mario Bermudez 81-10; Javelin 4th Cade Stewart 118-01, 7th Matthew Cumpston 100-06, 8th Damian Diaz 98-09, 13th Jose Mendoza 81-07, 14th Mario Bermudez 79-00, 15th Pedro De Leon 78-01.

Girls Results: 100m 7th Mayu Molina 14.58, 12th Isamar Solorio 15.59, 13th Victoria Nunez 15.98; 400m 8th Allison Zepeda 1:25.03, 9th Samantha Turner 1:28.58, 10th McKenna Cruz 1:34.60; 800m 4th McKenna Cruz 3:34.83, 5th Samantha Turner 3:36.36; 4x200m Relay 3rd Mayu Molina, Isamar Solorio, Savanna Hicks, Victoria Nunez 2:10.07; 4x400m Relay 2nd Isamar Solorio, Savanna Hicks, McKenna Cruz, Victoria Nunez 5:30.18; Shot Put 1st Emma Stewart 30-09.0, 3rd Mayu Molina 27-05.0, 6th Lily Stewart 24-11.0, 12th Sol Sandoval 19-03.0, 13th Jacqueline Padilla 18-02.0, 14th Diamond Peters 17-00.0, 15th Jazmin Mendoza 16-06.0; Discus 1st Emma Stewart 89-03, 5th Lily Stewart 76-02, 12th Sol Sandoval 58-07, 15th Jacqueline Padilla 48-09; Javelin 1st Mayu Molina 119-06, 4th Emma Stewart 78-10, 9th Lily Stewart 70-11, 14th Sol Sandoval 59-04.


Granger Spartan Track competed at the Ramos Relays at Selah on Saturday March 25th.

Boys Results: 110m Hurdles 10th Jonathan Ornales 21.45; 4x200m Relay 6th Keanu Cantu-Eric Ang-Bryan Vasquez-Aaron Cardoza 1:44.40, 8th Nico Chavez-Ivan Bustamante-Kevin Roman-Jonathan Ornales; 4x400m Relay 6th Bryan Vasquez-Kevin Roman-Eric Ang-Keanu Cantu 4:56.77; 4x800m Relay 6th Granger 9:50.75; Short Medley Relay (100-100-200-400m) 7th 1:51095, 8th 1:52.82; Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600m) 9th Alfonso Price-Bryan Vasquez-Ivan Bustamante-Aaron Cardoza 13:15.26; Shot Put 1st Matthew Cumpston 42’01.0; Discus 12th Damian Diaz 96’02.0, 22nd Cade Stewart 84’07.0; Javelin 9th Keanu Cantu 123’11.0, 12th Cade Stewart 114’02.0; 23rd Damian Diaz 96’10.0; Long Jump 15th Nico Chavez 16’05.0, 22nd Pedro De Leon  14’08.0.

Girls Results: 4x200m Relay 9th Granger 2:14.04; 4x400m Relay 6th Isamar Solorio-Samantha Turner-Savanna Hicks-Victoria Nunez 5:27.00; Short Medley Relay (100-100-200-400m) 13th Granger 2:21.18; Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600m) 8th McKenna Cruz-Savanna Hicks-Isamar Solorio-Victoria Nunez 17:19.53; Shot Put 4th Emma Stewart 30’06.0, 19th Lily Stewart 24’09.0; Discus 5th Emma Stewart 90’08.0, 16th Lily Stewart 67’07.0; Javelin 15th Lily Stewart 75’10.0, 24th Emma Stewart 69’04.0.


Spartan Track competed at the Papa Wells Meet at East Valley on Saturday, March 18th.

Boys Results: 100m 16th Keanu Cantu 12.01; 400m 23rd Bryan Vasquez 1:03.23, 25th Kevin Roman 1:03.65; 800m 25th Josh Ramirez 2:34.38; 1600m 11th Alfonso Price 5:11.79; 3200m 7th Alfonso Price 10:26.11; Shot Put 3rd Matthew Cumpston 43-09.0, 14th Jose Mendoza 38-07.0; Discus 9th Matthew Cumpston 108-08; Javelin 24th Cade Stewart 112-08.

Girls Results: 100m 35th Emma Stewart 15.11; 200m 34th Isamar Solorio 32.88; 400m 29th Savanna Hicks 1:19.49; 800m 31st Victoria Nunez 3:09.25; 1600m 22nd Victoria Nunez 6:50.24; Shot Put 9th Emma Stewart 30-05.5; Discus 11th Emma Stewart 84-01, 21st Lily Stewart 74-10.