Track and Field


Spartan Track and Field competed at District in Royal on Saturday, May 20th. Top 3 finishers qualify for state.

Boys Results: 100m 4th Alejandro Davalos 11.64; 800m 4th Eric Ang 2:08.61; 1600m 5th Alfonso Price 4:50.44; 3200m 3rd Alfonso Price 10:27.85, 8th Aaron Cardoza 10:48.71; Shot Put 6th Matthew Cumpston 42-10, 11th Jose Mendoza 39-10.5; Javelin 10th Ulyses Diaz 131-03; Long Jump Alejandro Davalos 18-05.5

Girls Results: 3200m 5th Andrea Padilla 12:58.04, 12th Mireya Alejandre 15:37.56; 4x400m Relay 4th Cynthia Cuevas-Andrea Padilla-Hailey Antram-Nayeli Herrera 4:27.87; Shot Put 5th Emma Stewart 31-01.75, 9th Lily Stewart 28-08.0; Discus 7th Emma Stewart 90-06; Javelin 13th Miriah Guzman 76-00.



Granger Track competed in Sub-District at Cle Elum on Thrusday, May 12th.

Boys Results: 100m 3rd Alejandro Davalos 11.99; 200m 8th Luis Garcia 25.35; 400m 6th Luis Garcia 55.24; 800m 3rd Eric Ang 2:07.44, 6th Luis Garcia 2:21.59; 1600m 3rd Alfonso Price 4:53.99; 3200m 2nd Alfonso Price 10:36.59, 7th Aaron Cardoza 11:06.47; Shot Put 7th Jose Mendoza 40-09.5, 8th Matthew Cumpston 39-09; Discus 5th Joey Padilla 106-03; Javelin 6th Ulyses Diaz 131-09; Long Jump 7th Alejandro Davalos 19-05.5

Girls Results: 400m 6th Nayeli Herrera 1:06.52, 7th Hailey Antram 1:07.0; 3200m 3rd Andrea Padilla 13:41.87; 4x499m Relay 2nd Hailey Antram-Marissa Arceo-Cynthia Cuevas-Nayeli Herrera 4:38.84; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 33-05.5, 6th Lilly Stewart 30-01.0; Discus 6th Emma Stewart 81-03; Javelin 8th Miriah Guzman 81-03.


Granger Spartan Track competed at the Ron Vanderholm Invitational in Royal City on Friday, May 6th.

Boys Results: 100m 6th Alejandro Davalos 12:00; 800m 5th Eric Ang 2:08.82, 8th Luis Garcia 2:17.73; 1600m 7th Alfonso Price 5:08.57, 9th Aaron Cardoza 5:23.87; 3200m 3rd Alfonso Price 10:38.81, 9th Aaron Cardoza 11:02.49; Shot Put 8th Jose Mendoza 41’06, 10th Matthew Cumpston 39’11; Discus 5th Matthew Cumpston 126’10.75, 11th Diego Gonzalez 97’09.25; Long Jump 12th Alejandro Davalos 18’06.

Girls Results: 400m 9th Hailey Antram 1:08.44; 800m 9th Cynthia Cuevas 2:44.81; 1600m 8th Andrea Padilla 6:09.56; 3200m 4th Andrea Padilla 13:35.02, 11th Mireya Alejandre 17:48.20; Shot Put 3rd Emma Stewart 34’06.


Granger Track competed at the Connell Invitational on Friday, April 29th.

Boys Results: 400m 8th Luis Garcia 54.52; 800m 3rd Eric Ang 2:06.54; 1600m 12th Alfonso Price 4:58.33; 3200m 2nd Alfonso Price 10:33.72, 8th Aaron Cardoza 10:58.02; Shot Put 10th Brandon Velasquez 40’07; Discus 7th Matthew Cumpston 120’01; Javelin 10th Ulyses Diaz 128’03; Long Jump 7th Alejandro Davalos 19’06.

Girls Results: 400m 8th Nayeli Herrera 1:07.76, 11th Hailey Antram 1:09.11; 800m 9th Cynthia Cuevas 2:47.15; 1600m 10th Andrea Padilla 6:01,36; 3200m 9th Andrea Padilla 13:01.75; Shot Put 3rd Emma Stewart 33’03; Discus 10th Emma Stewart 78’04; Javelin 11th Miriah Guzman 67’11.


Spartan Track competed at Naches Valley on Tuesday, April 26th.

Boys Results: 400m 7th Luis Garcia 55.78, 9th Aaron Cardoza 58.24; 800m 4th Eric Ang 2:09.63; 1600m 2nd Alfonso Price 4:58.32; 3200m 2nd Alfonso Price 10:52.81, 3rd Aaron Cardoza 11:07.0, 5th Gus Sanchez 11:51.59, 6th Josue Mendoza 11:51.59, 8th Joel Torres 12:13.35, 10th Joshua Rendon 12:35.28; Shot Put 1st Jose Mendoza 43-03, 2nd Brandon Velasquez 42-08, 7th Matthew Cumpston 38-09; Discus 3rd Matthew Cumpston 113-08, 5th Joey Padilla 100-04, 8th Diego Gonzalez 96-07; Javelin 4th Ulyses Diaz 128-06, 8th Cade Stewart 115-05.

Girls Results: 400m 6th Nayeli Herrera 1:07.67; 800m 8th Andrea Padilla 2:53.58, 9th Cynthia Cuevas 2:58.09, 10th Miriah Guzman 3:12.03; 1600m 4th Andrea Padilla 6:07.52, 9th Mireya Alejandre 7:20.62; 3200m 3rd Andrea Padilla 13:36.49; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 32-03.6; Discus 6th Emma Stewart 78-05; Javelin 9th Lily Stewart 72-04, 10th Miriah Guzman 72-01.



Spartan Track competed at Zillah on Tuesday, April 19th.

Boys Results: 100m 2nd Alejandro Davalos 11.54, 9th Ulyses Diaz 12.13; 400m 2nd Eric Ang 55.02, 10th Joel Torres 1:06.24; 800m Erid Ang 2nd 2:08.82, 7th Alfonso Price 2:21.25; 1600m 5th Alfonso Price 5:01.70, 7th Aaron Cardoza 5:09.20; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:42.25, 5th Aaron Cardoza 11:30.53, 7th Josue Menodza 12:13.24; Shot Put 3rd Jose Mendoza 42-06.5, 7th Mattew Cumpston 37-04.50; Discus 3rd Matthew Cumpston 113-03, 8th Diego Gonzalez 95-08; Javelin 5th Ulyses Diaz 126-03; Long Jump 4th Alejandro Davalos 19-09.25.

Girls Results: 200m 5th Nayeli Herrera 29.70; 400m 5th Nayeli Herrera 1:07.48, 9th Miriah Guzman 1:14.92, 10th Isamar Solorio 1:15.26; 800m 3rd Cynthia Cuevas 2:42.84, 6th Andrea Padilla 2:51.32, 10th Savanna Hicks 3:15.10; 1600m 5th Andrea Padilla 6:20.0, 6th Cynthia Cuevas 6:37.0, 8th Mariah Guzman 7:05.30, 10th Isamar Solorio 7:16.70; 3200m 2nd Andrea Padilla 13:35.70; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 31-04, Discus 8th Emma Stewart 69-07.


Granger Spartan Track competed at the Windbreaker Invitiational at Wahluke on Friday, April 15th.

Boys Results: 100m 11th Ulyses Diaz 12.83; 400m 1st Luis Garcia 54.54, 3rd Eric Ang 55.14; 800m 5th Alfonso Price 2:23.10, 6th Aaron Cardoza 2:24.24; 1600m 3rd Alfonso Price 5:10.69, 5th Aaron Cardoza 5:20.09, 7th Josue Mendoza 5:30.29; 3200m 3rd Alfonso Price 10:44.41, 5th Aaron Cardoza 11:58.98, 6th Josue Mendoza 12:01.30; 4x100m Relay 4th 49.90; 4x400m Relay 3rd 3:59.31; Shot Put 1st Brandon Velasquez 43’06.25, 2nd Jose Menodza 40’05.75, 5th Matthew Cumpston 37’05.00; Discus 2nd Matthew Cumpston 112′, 5th Joey Padilla 95′, 10th Jose Mendoza 83′; Javelin 1st Ulyses Diaz 137;, 8th Cade Stewart 114′, 12th Luis Garcia 106′; Long Jump 2nd Alejandro Davalos 19′, 11th Brandon Velasquez 15′.

Girls Results: 100m 12th Emma Stewart 15.52; 200m Isamar Solorio 33.65; 400m 7th Marissa Arceo 1:15.46; 800m 5th Andrea Padilla 2:54.59, 7th Cynthia Cuevas 2:56.81, 9th Marissa Arceo 3:14.29, 11th Mireya Alejandre 3:22.95; 1600m 3rd Andrea Padilla 6:15.08, 7th Miriah Guzman 7:09.76, 8th Hailey Antram 7:17.23, 9th Isamar Solorio 7:19.31, 12th Mireya Alejandre 7:35.89; 3200m 1st Andrea Padilla 13:19.97; 4x200m Relay 4th 2:10.91; 4x400m Relay 4th 4:57.25; Shot Put 2nd Emma Stewart 30’05, 6th Lily Stewart 27’03; Discus 8th Marissa Arceo 73′, 11th Lily & Emma Stewart 69′; Javelin 8th Emma Stewart 75′, 9th Miriah Guzman 69’06.



Granger Spartan Track competed at Royal on Tuesday, April 12th.

Boys Results: 200m 5th Luis Garcia 26.05 & 11th Jose JJ Garcia 28.06, 400m 1st Luis Garcia 54.32 & 12th Joel Torres 1:02.04; 800m 4th Gus Sanchez 2:26.42; 1600m 4th Alfonso Price 5:01,48 & 5th Aaron Cardoza 5:19.15; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 11:01.74 & 4th Aaron Cardoza 11:38.46; 4x400m Relay 3rd 4:04.76; Shot Put 1st Jose Mendoza 40’10, 2nd Matthew Cumpston 39’04, & 9th Cade Stewart 33’07; Discus 1st Matthew Cumpston 114’10, 4th Joey Padilla 94’04, 7th Jose Mendoza 83’04, & 8th Damian Diaz 82’06; Javelin 2nd Ulyses Diaz 128′, 7th Cade Stewart 118’04, & 9th Luis Garcia 111’09; Long Jump 6th Ulyses Diaz 16’05.

Girls Results: 200m 8th Nayeli Herrera 30.98 & 12th Isamar Solorio 34.20; 400m 4th Nayeli Herrera 1:07.77, 8th Miriah Guzman 1:15.68, & 9th Isamar Solorio 1:16.54; 800m 4th Cynthia Cuevas 2:58.73, 5th Marissa Arceo 3:09.14, & 6th Mireya Alejandre 3:18.49; 1600m 2nd Andrea Padilla 6:19.14 & 7th Mireya Alejandre 7:18.75; 3200m 1st Andrea Padilla 13:35.24; 4x400m Relay 1st 4:51.19; Shot Put 1st Emma Stewart 31’07 & 4th Lily Stewart 24’11; Discus 3rd Emma Stewart 78’06, 5th Marissa Arceo 67’03, & 12th Lily Stweart 51’10; Javelin 3rd Emma Stewart 78’07 & 7th Miriah Guzman 69’02.


Granger Track competed at the Ray Cross Invitational in Ephrata on Saturday, March 26th. Boys Results: 400m Luis Garcia 9th 54.80, 800m Eric Ang 12th 2:15.93, 3200m Alfonso Price 14th 10:50.73, 300m Hurdles Luis Garcia 7th 45.51, 4x400m Relay Eric Ang-Alfonso Price-Aaron Cardoza-Luis Garcia 15th 3:53.05, Long Jump Alejandro Davalos 13th 18-09.25. Girls Results: 1600m Andrea Padilla 12th 6:09.31


Granger Spartan Track and Field competed at the Papa Wells Invitation in East Valley on Saturday, March 19th. Boys Results: 400m Eric Ang 13th 56:68, 1600m Alfonso Price 9th 5:03.00, 3200m Alfonso Price 8th 11:06.63, 300m Hurdles Luis Garcia 10th 47:33, Shot Put Brandon Velasquez 9th 42-01.00, Jose Menodza 14th 40-02.00, and Discus Matthew Cumpstom 8th 121-08. Girls Results: 400m Savanna Hicks 15th 1:20.65, and 4x200m Relay Hailey Antram-Isamar Solorio-Marissa Arceo-Cynthia Cuevas 9th 2:11.65