Track and Field

Spartan Track competed at District at Royal High School on Friday, May 18th. Three school records fell at the meet. Alfonso Price broke the 1974 3200m David Kobes record running 9:49.78, Mario Bermudez broke the 2004 Discus Colton Carpenter record by throwing 143-07.50, and Lily Stewart broke the 1982/2016 Carolyn Moons/Emma Stewart Discus record by throwing 101-00.

Boys Results: 100m 5th Keanu Cantu 11.86; 200m 8th Keanu Cantu 25.30; 1600m 4th Alfonso Price 4:40.82; 3200m 2nd Alfonso Price 9:49.78; 110m Hurdles 8th Jonathan Ornales 20.10; 3oom Hurdles 8th Jonathan Ornales 45.52; Shot Put 4th Jose Mendoza  45-01.50, 11th Mario Bermudez 39-02.00, 14th Cade Stewart 36-09.5; Discus 3rd Mario Bermudez 143-07.50, 13th Jose Mendoza 112-11; Long Jump 4th Jonathan Ornales 19-07.25, 14th Nico Chavez 17-06.00; Triple Jump 12th Jonathan Ornales 35-05.25.

Girls Results: 1600m 12th Victoria Nunez 6:13.73; Shot Put 4th Lily Stewart 32-10.5, 4th Emma Stewart 32-00.0; Discus 6th Lily Stewart 101-00, 10th Emma Stewart 90-08.50; Javelin 8th Ariela Solorio 96-07.


Granger Track competed in Sub-District at Cle Elum on Friday, May 11th.

Boys Results: 100m 2nd Keanu Cantu 11.90, 6th Nico Chavez 12.18, 12th Jonathan Mendoza 12.91; 200m 4th Keanu Cantu 24.41, 12th Sebastian Estrada 27.36; 400m 6th Bryan Vasquez 56.89, 8th Jonathan Mendoza 1:01.06; 800m 7th Jose Gonzalez 2:29.25; 1600m 3rd Alfonso Price 4:44.63, 8th Joshua Rendon 5:22.28; 3200m 2nd Alfonso Price 10:14.91; 110m Hurdles 3rd Jonathan Ornales 20.32; 300m Hurdles 4th Jonathan Ornales; Shot Put 1st Jose Mendoza 44-06.00, 4th Mario Bermudez 39-10.50, 8th Cade Stewart 37-08.50, 10th Jose Tapia 34-10.50; Discus 2nd Mario Bermudez 21-03, 5th Jose Mendoza 110-00; Javelin 12th Cade Stewart 113-09; Long Jump 3rd Jonathan Ornales 20-02.00, 8th Nico Chavez 18-06.50, 11th Pedro De Leon 17-02.50; Triple Jump 5th Jonathan Ornales 38-02.75.

Girls Results: 100m 5th Isamar Solorio 15.03; 200m 8th Isamar Solorio 31.47; 800m 6th Victoria Nunez 2:53.50; 1600m 5th Victoria Nunez 6:13.84; Shot Put 1st Lily Stewart 32-02.00, 2nd Emma Stewart 30-09.00; Discus 1st Lily Stewart 94-06, 3rd Emma Stewart 88-07, 9th Ariela Solorio 68-03; Javelin 3rd Ariela Solorio 98-06.


Granger Track competed at the Ron Vanderholm Invitational at Royal High School on Friday, may 4th.

Boys Results: 100m 5th Keanu Cantu 11.77; 200m 17th Keanu Cantu 24.60; 400m 19th Bryan Vasquez 58.92, 22nd Jonathan Mendoza 1:01.04; 800m 22nd Jose Gonzalez 2:30.08; 1600m 3rd Alfonso Price 4:38.85; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:11.97; 300m Hurdles 14th Jonathan Ornales 46.37; Shot Put 8th Jose Mendoza 43-01.00, 14th Mario Bermudez 39-05.00; Discus 6th Mario Bermudez 124-06, 15th Jose Mendoza 101-06; Javelin 27th Jose Tapia 115-07; Long Jump 16th Pedro De Leon 17-01.25; Triple Jump 3rd Jonathan Ornales 38-00.00, 16th Diego Cantu 31-11.00.

Girls Results: 100m 28th Isamar Solorio 14.91; 200m 22nd Isamar Soliro 30.30; 800m 19th Victoria Nunez 2:50.90; Shot Put 5th Emma Stewart 31-11.50, 7th Lily Stewart 31-00.00; Discus 12th Emma Stewart 87-09, 18th Lily Stewart 81-01.50; Javelin 13th Ariel Solorio 90-07.



Granger Track competed at the Connell Invitational on Friday, April 27th.

Boys Results: 100m Keanu Cantu 11.85, 22nd Sebastian Estrada 13.05; 200m 12th Nico Chavez 25.84, 21st Sebastian Estrada 27.50; 400m 9th Bryan Vasquez 58.25, 15th Jonathan Mendoza 59.26; 800m 18th Jose Gonzalez 2:43.17; 1600m 2nd Alfonso Price 4:44.69, 13th Joshua Rendon 5:33.00; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:31.27, 15th Joshua Rendon 12:33.82;  110m Hurdles 15th Jonathan Ornales 20.46; 300m Hurdles 6th Jonathan Ornales 47.53; Shot Put 5th Jose Mendoza 44-05.00, 13th Mario Bermudez 38-06.50; Discus 12th Jose Mendoza 105-08; Javelin 13th Cade Stewart 126-00, 22nd Irving Guerra 104-01; High Jump 13th Jonathan Mendoza 4-06.00; Long Jump 19.07-00, 18th Pedro De Leon 16-08.00; Triple Jump 6th Jonathan Ornales 38-02.00.

Girls Results: 100m 17th Isamar Solorio 14.72; 800m 11th Victoria Nunez 2:52.24; 1600m 5th Victoria Nunez 6:13.07; Shot Put 4th Emma Stewart 31-07.00, 23rd Ariela Solorio 21-01.50; Discus 8th Emma Stewart 90-00, 19th Ariela Solorio 65-07; Javelin 7th Ariela Solorio 95-03, 23rd Star Diavolikis 53-00.


Granger Spartan Track competed at Cle Elum on Tuesday, April 24th.

Boys Results: 100m 5th Nico Chavez 11.96; 200m 7th Bryan Vasquez 25.95, 12th Jecador Silva 28.71; 400m 4th Bryan Vasquez 58.14, 7th Sebastian Estrada 1:05.00, 9th Jecador Silva 1:07.71; 800m 7th Jecador Silva 2:45.01; 1600m 1st Alfonso Price 5:17.12, 5th Joshua Rendon 5:31.52; 3200m 1st Joshua Rendon 11;57.76; Shot Put 1st Jose Mendoza 43-04.25, 6th Mario Bermudez & Cade Stewart 36-03.5, 10th Jose Tapia 33-06.25, 20th Irving Guerra 25-07.0; Discus 1st Mario Bermudez 118-02, 2nd Jose Mendoza 104-09, 4th Jose Tapia 92-08, 7th Cade Stewart 87-00, 9th Irving Guerra 83-04; Javelin 8th Cade Stewart 118-04, 9th Irving Guerra 113-08, 10th Jose Tapia 112=11, 13th Pedro De Leon 79-08; Long Jump 5th Nico Chavez 18-00.5, 9th Pedro De Leon 16-03.5, 12th Sebastian Estrada 15-06.25.

Girls Results: 100m 6th Isamar Solorio 14.64; 200m 6th Isamar Solorio 30.30; 800m 4th Victoria Nunez 2:49.59; 1600m 4th Victoria Nunez 6:25.59; Shot Put 1st Emma Stewart 32-04.5, 2nd Lily Stewart 30-05.5, 13th Ariela Solorio 21-10.75, 17th Ashley Mendoza 18-08.5, 19th Diamond Peters 18-02.0, 21st Star Divolikis 17-00.75, 22nd Jibely Franco 17-00.0; Discus 2nd Lily Stewart 90-05, 4th Emma Stewart 80-09, 6th Ariela Solorio 73-00, 18th Ashley Mendoza 56-08, 20th Jibely Franco 55-05, 23rd Diamond Peters 51-00, 25th Star Diavolikis 47-00; Javelin 3rd Ariela Solorio 94-11, 6th Emma Stewart 66-07, 7th Lily Stewart 65-03, 11th Star Diavolikis 61-07, 14th Ashley Mendoza 58-01, 19th Diamond Peters 49-00, 21st Jibely Franco 42-07;


Granger Track competed at the Prosser Invite on Saturday, April 21st.

Boys Results: 100m 27th Sebastian Estrada 13:07; 200m 33rd Sebastian Estrada 26.59; 400m 24th Bryan Vasquez 58.28, 27th Jonathan Mendoza 59.77; 800m 32nd Jose Gonzalez 2:41.69; 1600m 8th Alfonso Price 4:44.76; 3200m 5th Alfonso Price 10:11.27, 30th Joshua Rendon 12:04.79; Shot Put 7th Jose Mendoza 42-00.75, 21st Mario Bermudez 36-05.00; Discus 5th Mario Bermudez 121-07, 11th Jose Mendoza 110-04; Javelin 19th Cade Stewart 117-11, 28th Jose Tapia 105-02; Long Jump 27th Sebastian Estrada 16-02.00,, 29th Diego Cantu 15-05.50.

Girls Results: 100m 26th Isamar Solorio 15:09, 200m 22nd Isamar Solorio 31.67; 400m 14th Isamar Solorio 1:13.83; 800m 18th Victoria Nunez 2:55.92; 1600m 16th Victoria Nunez 6:20.39; Shot Put 9th Emma Stewart 31-02.00; Discus 15th Emma Stewart 82-05; Javelin 12th Ariela Solorio 97-04.


Granger Spartan Track competed at Royal High School on Monday, April 16th.

Boys Results: 100m 4th Nico Chavez 11.94; 200m 12th Bryan Vasquez 25.77, 17 Sebastian Estrada 26.47, 24th Jonathan Mendoza 27.12; 400m 6th Bryan Vasquez 59.29, 16th Jonathan Mendoza 1:03.43, 22nd Jose Gonzalez 1:05.47; 800m 2nd Alfonso Price 2:12.53; 1600m 2nd Alfonso Price 4:54.28, 16th Joshua Rendon 5:51.77; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:31.69, 6th Joshua Rendon 12:45.91; Shot Put 1st Jose Mendoza, 3rd Mario Bermudez 41-01.0, 9th Cade Stewart 36-07.0, 10th Jose Tapia 34-05.0; Discus 2nd Mario Bermudez 119-05, 6th Jose Mendoza 105-04, 14th Jose Tapia 90-08, 16th Cade Stewart 87-02, 23rd Irving Guerra 68-06; Javelin 17th Irving Guerra 92-10, 21st Levi Ang 88-09, 22nd Jose Tapia 87-09, 24th Pedro De Leon 78-07; High Jump 6th Jonathan Mendoza 5-02.0; Long Jump 10th Pedro De Leon 17-02.5, 19th Sebastian Estrada 16-00.5, 22nd Diego Cantu 15-01.5; Triple Jump 10th Diego Cantu 21-11.5.

Girls Results: 100m 14th Isamar Solorio 14.99; 200m 9th Isamar Solorio 30.77; 400m 10th Isamar Solorio 1:13.50; 800m 5th Victoria Nunez 2:54.62; 1600m 5th Victoria Nunez 6:16.37; Shot Put 1st Lily Stewart 31-09.0, 3rd Emma Stewart 30-01.0, 16th Ariela Solorio 19-09.0; Discus 4th Lily Stewart 81-10, 6th Emma Stewart 76-03, 9th Ariela Solorio 68-07, 18th Jibely Franco 55-08; Javelin 5th Ariela Solorio 86-08.5, 17th Emma Stewart 57-01, 21st Lily Stewart 51-07, 23rd Star Diavolikis 50-11, 24th Ashley Mendoza 48-09.


Spartan Track competed at Naches Valley on Tuesday, April 10th.

Boys Results: 100m 6th Nico Chavez 12.92, 11th Sebastian Estrada 13.35; 200m 7th Nico Chavez 25.67, 9th Bryan Vasquez 26.09, 17th Sebastian Estrada 27.82, 20th Jecador Silva 28.63; 400m 4th Bryan Vasquez 57.49, 10th Jecador Silva 1:05.77; 1600m 16th Joshua Rendon 5:38.36; 3200m 8th Joshua Rendon 12:31.83; Shot Put 3rd Jose Mendoza 40-06.5, 5th Mario Bermudez 37-00.5, 8th Cade Stewart 35-06, 16th Jose Tapia 33-11; Discus 3rd Mario Bermudez 117-02, 5th Jose Mendoza 98-10, 10th Cade Stewart 90-0, 11th Jose Tapia 87-02; Javelin 12th Cade Stewart 117-08, 19th Irving Guerra 101-05, 20th Jose Tapia 101-00; High Jump 7th Jonathan Mendoza; Long Jump 3rd Jonathan Ornales 18-09.75, 8th Pedro De Leon 17-06.5, 17th Sebastian Estrada 15-04.5; Triple Jump 8th Diego Cantu 33-03.

Girls Results: 100m 13th Isamar Solorio 15.54; 200m 12th Isamar Solorio 31.87; 400m 7th Isamar Solorio 1:10.55; 800m 5th Victoria Nunez 2:57.56; 1600m 8th Victoria Nunez 6:35,34; Shot Put 1st Lily Stewart 31-10, 2nd Emma Stewart 30-11, 16th Ariela Solorio 18-08.5; Discus 5th Lily Stewart 75-04, 11th Ariela Solorio 64-05, 16th Ashley Mendoza 56-10, 17 Jibely Franco 55-06; Javelin 4th Ariela Solorio 86-08, 6th Lily Stewart 72-07, 17th Emma Stewart 56-09, 22nd Star Diavolikis 50-03, 24th Ashley Mendoza 46-01.

Spartan Track competed at the Holder Relays at Eisenhower High School on Saturday, March 31st.

Boys Results: 100m 9th Nico Chavez 12.10, 11th Keanu Cantu 12.12, 25th Jonathan Ornalez 12.55; 400m 19th Bryan Vasquez 57.14; 1600m 1th Alfonso Price 4:42.43; 3200m 5th Alfonso Price 10:07.42; Shot Put 11th Jose Mendoza 40-08.0, 16th Mario Bermudez 37-08.5, 22nd Cade Stewart 36-07.0; Discus 7th Mario Bermudez 199-0, 11th Jose Mendoza 111-08, 18th Cade Stewart 99-03; Javelin 16th Cade Stewart 117-00, 20th Keanu Cantu 115-02; Long Jump 3rd Nico Chavez 19-06.75.

Girls Results: 100m Isamar Solorio 15.30; 400m 22nd Isamar Solorio 1:10.2, 25th Victoria Nunez 1:15.54; 1600m 25th Victoria Nunez 6:13.17; Shot Put 8th Lily Stewart 30-08.5, 9th Emma Stewart 30-00.5; Discus 13th Lily Stewart 87-05, 16th Emma Stewart 81-05; Javelin 9th Ariela Solorio 93-03


Granger Spartan Track competed at the River View Invite at River View High School on Thursday, March 29th.

Boys Results: 200m 4th Sebastian Estrada 26.74, 11th Jecador Silva 28.64; 400m 8th Diego Cantu 1:05.83, 9th Jecador Silva 1:06.13, 10th Jose Gonzalez 1:07.51; 3200m 1st Alfonso Price 10:18.75; 6th Irving Guerra 28-01.0; Discus5th Irving Guerra 82-04, 7th Pedro De Leon 78-08; 7th Pedro De Leon 105-06, 9th Irving Guerra 101-01; Long Jump 3rd Pedro De Leon 18-05.0, 8th Sebastian Estrada 16-08.5.

Girls Results: Shot Put 6th Jibely Franco 18-02.5, 8th Diamond Peters 18-00.0, 10th Star Diavolikis 16-07.0, 13th Ashlet Mendoza 11-08.0; Discus 4th Ariela Solorio 63-11, 5th Ashley Mendoza 58-09, 6th Jibely Franco 57-06, 10th Diamond Peters 52-09, 11th Star Diavolikis 49-02; Javelin 3rd Ariela Solorio 86-09, 7th Star Diavolikis 55-10, 9th Diamond Peters 48-08, 15th Ashley Mendoza 41-09, 16th Jibely Franco 40-00.

Granger Track competed at the Ramos Relays in Selah on Saturday, March 24th.
Boys Results: 4x200m Relay 9th Diego Cantu, Nico Chavez, Jose JJ Garcia, Sebastian Estrada 148.98; 4x400m 6th Jonathan Mendoza, Nico Chavez, Jose JJ Garcia, Bryan Vasquez 4:14.72; SMRelay 100-100-200-400m Relay 11th 1:52.95; Shot Put 4th Jose Mendoza 41’05.5, 12th Mario Bermudez 36’10.5, 14th Cade Stewart 35’10.5, 15th Jose Tapai 35’02.5; Discus 1st Mario Bermudez 121’7.0, 7th Jose Mendoza 107’11.0, 14th Cade Stewart 96’4.0, 15th Jose Tapai 95’04.0; Long Jump 12th Nico Chavez 17’3.0, 18th Sebastian Estrada 16’7.5.
Girls Results: SMRelay 100-100-200-400 12th Isamar Solorio, Emma Stewart, Star Diavolikis, Victoria Nunez 2:24.04; Shot Put 4th Emma Stewart 29’01.0; Discus 16th Emma Stewart 69’1.0, 21st Ariela Solorio 64’11.0, 24th Jibely Franco 61’7.0, 30th Ashley Mendoza 55’8.0; Javelin 5th Ariela Solorio 86’4.0.


Granger Track competed at the Papa Wells Invitational at East Valley on Saturday, March 17th.

Boys Results: 100m 17th Keanuy Cantu 12.18; 200m 17th Keanu Cantu 25/33, 24th Jonathan Ornales 25.85; 400m 22nd Bryan Vasquez 57.75, 25th Jonthan Mendoza 58.48; 800m 11th Jose JJ Garcia 2:12.0, 15th Alfonso Price 2:13.67; 1600m 8th Alfonso Price 4:49.0; Shot Put 7th Jose Mendoza 39-11.5, 12th Mario Bermudez 38.05.25; Discus 8th Mario Bermudez 108-06, 17th Jose Mendoza 94-07; Javelin 20th Cade Stewart 125-11; Long Jump 12th Nico Chavez 17-10.0.

Girls Results: 100m 28th Isamar Solorio 15.13; 200m 27th Isamar Solorio 31.36; 400m Isamar Solorio 1:11.78; 800m 19th Victoria Nunez 2:55.08; 1600m 17th Victoria Nunez 6:20.65; Shot Put 6th Emma Stewart 32-05.5, 12th Lily Stewart 29-10.75; Discus 17th Lily Stewart 76-11, 25th Emma Stewart 67-08; Javelin 15th Ariela Solorio 84-00.


Spartan Track competed at the Windbreaker Invitational at Wahluke on Friday, March 16th.

Boys Results: 100m 6th Deanu Cantu 11.9; 200m 8th Jonathan Ornales 25.42, 12th Bryan Vasquez 25.71; 400m 13th Bryan Vasquez  59.96, 18th Keanu Cantu 1:02.10; 800m 10th Jose JJ Garcia 2:24.4; 3200m 3rd Alfonso Price 10:35.09; 4x400m relay 4th Jonathan Ornales, Nico Chavez, Jose JJ Garcia, Bryan Vasquez; Shot Put 4th Jose Mendoza 40-00.5, 12th Mario Bermudez 35-10.0, 18th Jose Tapia 31-09.5; Discus 2nd Mario Bermudez 117-00, 17th Jose Tapia 86-06, 18th Jose Mendoza 85-06; Javelin 9th Keanu Cantu 124-02; Long Jump 19th Jonathan Ornales 16-03.

Girls Results: 200m 13th Isamar Solorio 31.86; 400m 7th Isamar Solorio 1:12.61; 800m 12th Victoria Nunez 2:54.97; 1600m 11th Victoria Nunez 6:26.9; Shot Put 5th Emma Stewart 28-09.0; Discus 14th Ariela Solorio 64-00; Javelin 10th Ariela Solorio 77-03.5.