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There will be no more broadcasts on Spartan TV. The Spartan games will be on the NFHS network.


Spartan Tennis competed at College Place on Thursday, March 16th.

Boys Results: Boys won 4-1.

Girls Results: Girls lost 5-0.

Granger Spartan Boys Soccer lost at home 3-0 vs Toppenish on Thursday, March 16th.

Granger Track competed at the Davis JV Invitational in Yakima on Thursday, March 16th.

Boys Results: 100m-9th Alan Guerrero 13.08, 13th Daniel Guadardo 13.35, 15th Augustin Labra 13.40, 16th Eric Lopez 13.41; 200m-6th Adrian Vazquez 26.41, 18th Erick Vazquez 27.99, 19th Eric Lopez 28.03, 20th John Paul Sevigny 28.22, 35th Kaleb Longee 31.86, 36th Aristeo Antuenes 32.19, 42nd Nicolas Berger 41.76; 400m-11th John Paul Sevigny 1:01,74, 14th Eric Lopez 1:03.96, 21st John Vazqeuz 1:09.05, 22nd Aristeo Antunes 1:10,10, 25th Kaleb Longee 1:15.03, 27th Nicolas Berger 1:42.63; 800m-22nd Aristeo Antunes 2:56.54; 1600m-2nd Orlando Isiordia 5:42,04, 10th Daniel Guadardo 5:51.85, 15th John Vazquez 6:08.66; 4x100m Relay-3rd Daniel Guardardo Matthew Heckert Ezgar Sanchez Adrian Vazquez 49.99, 4th Isaias Gaitan Alan Guerrero Augustin Labra Orlando Isiordia 50.09; 4x400m Relay 2nd Orlando Isiordia Matthew Heckert Adrian Vazquez Alan Guerrero 4:05.52, 5th Daniel Guadardo John Vazquez Isaias Gaitan Augustin Labra 4:26.40; Shot Put-8th Ezgar Sanchez 31-11.50, 9th Ethan Almaguer 31-06.50, 22nd Brian Delgado 27-05.25, 24th Isaias Gaitan 26-10, 29th Omar Bustamante 24-08.5, 31st Ismael Gaitan 23-07; Discus-3rd Ethan Almaguer 86-03, 35th Brian Delgado 48-11, 37th Nicolas Berger 44-10, 40th Ismael Gaitan 38, 41st Omar Bustamante 35-09, Javelin-3rd Ezgar Sanchez 109-01, 9th Adrian Vazquez 91, 32nd Juan Antunez 51-10, 36th Ismael Gaitan 33-07; High Jump-1st Matthew Heckert 5-02, 3rd Orlando Isiordia 4-08; Long Jump-2nd Matthew Heckert 16-04.

Girls Results: 100m-2nd Gabi Berger 14.44, 3rd Jasmin Vasquez 14.97, 6th Juanita Garcia 15.29, 7th Andrea Sanchez 15.57, 15th Eveny “Evy” Lazcano 16.13, 28th Millie Arriaga 16.84, 39th Nancy Torres 17.48; 200m-3rd Jasmin Vasquez 31.31, 6th Andrea Sanchez 32.32, 8th Eveny “Evy” Lazcano 32.80, 9th Juanita Garcia 33.0, 20th Nancy Torres 35.12, 23rd Millie Arriaga 35.81, 25th Paoky Sandoval 36.29; 400m-6th Paoky Sandoval 1:25.46; 800m-3rd Joana Jaramillo 2:57.44, 8th Anahi Villa 3:18.33, 9th Amy Torres 3:19.11, 14th Corrina Slade 3:26.05, 19th Alijah Magana 3:45.86, 20th Virgilena “Virg” Walsey-Begay; 1600m-15th Virgilena “Virg” Walsey-Begay 8:35.19; 4x100m Relay-1st Gabi Berger Andrea Sanchez Joana Jaramillo Jasmin Vasquez 56.75, 3rd Juanita Garcia Eveny “Evy” Lazcano Anahi Villa Nancy Torres 59.95; 4x400m Relay-2nd Millie Arriaga Gabi Berger Joana Jaramillo Anahi Villa 5:15.96, 4th Amy Torres Alijah Magana Corrina Slade Nancy Torres 5:58.0; Shot Put-5th Celeste Vargas 22-06, 26th Maite Flores 16-11, Kimberly Sanchez 15-10, 30th Daniela Rojas 15-10, 36th Madeleine Sevigny 14-01; Discus-25th Celeste Vargas 45-11, 27th Daniela Rojas 42-09, 30th Kimberly Sanchez 40-0; Javelin-35th Madeleine Sevigny 37-05; Long Jump-20th Corrina Slade 8-06.50.

Spartan Tennis played at home vs Goldendale on Tuesday, March 14th.

Granger boys 4, Goldendale 1

Singles: Max Christensen (Go) d. Kenyon Slade 3-6, 6-4, 6-3; A.J. Heckert (Gr) d. Logan Speer 6-2, 6-2.

Doubles: Enrique Aldaco-Eden Asher (Gr) d. Eli Golding-Kyden Blunt 3-6, 7-5, 6-2; Paul Stewart-Carlos DeLeon (Gr) d. for; John Heckert-Manson Brien (Gr) for.

Goldendale girls 5, Granger 0

Singles: Gwen Gilliam (Go) d. Marian Alaniz 6-3, 4-6, 6-4; Jeslyn Berry (Go) for.

Doubles: Taryn Rising-Logan Armstrong (Go) d. Jessika Arceo-Brissa Solis 7-6, 6-2; Modi Groves-Kelly Smith (Go) d. Araceli Cardoza-Jacquelina Benitez 8-5, for.; Ella Riley-Linzy Hanna (Go) for.

Granger Spartan Boys Soccer 13, Naches Valley 0 at home on Tuesday, March 14th. Miguel Ocampo had a hat trick and Abraham Rojas & Bryan Chapeton scored 2 goals each.

Granger goals: Miguel Ocampo 3, Abraham Rojas 2, Bryan Chapeton 2, Juan Ventura 2, Anthony Mendoza 1, Isaac Ochoa 1, Christian Equihua 1, Rigo Osorio 1.

Saves: Jose Bustamante (G) 0, Kayven Cooper (NV) 17.