Supporting Granger Athletics

Granger High School Red & White Club

The Granger High School Red & White Club is made up of supporters of Granger High School activities and athletics. People wishing to become members make a donation to the club to help the athletic and activities departments make purchases for student activities. When you make a contribution to the Red & White Club, you can do so knowing that you are helping to improve the extra-curricular activities here at Granger High School.

There are two levels of membership. The Red & White Club requires a donation of $30.00 or more, which is tax-deductible. For your generous donation, a red and white plaque with your name will be added to our Red & White Club wall in the gymnasium, and you will be recognized in our game program as a contributor to The Red & White Club. You will also receive a certificate of appreciation to display in your business or your home.

For those who would like to contribute more, we also have a Corporate Sponsor level of contribution. For your $300.00 donation, you will receive a 4’ x 8’ vinyl banner to hang in our gym or on our football bleachers. Your banner can be your business logo, address, and phone number or your family members’ names or whatever else you like. You will work with Morrow Design Studio in Sunnyside to come up with a design that works for you. After your initial year in the program, it is just $100.00 to renew your Corporate Sponsorship each year and keep your banner hanging. If you have your own banner already, you may display that instead for the $100.00 fee. We only ask that the banner be in the 4’ x 8’ size range. Of course, your contribution is also tax-deductible, and you too will receive a certificate of appreciation for display.

Once you have either a plaque or banner in the gym or on the field, it will stay there for the entire school year and through the summer. At the start of each school year, you will be contacted to see if you would like to renew your membership in the Red & White Club. If you choose to remain a member, you will need to send in your contribution at that time.

If you have any questions, contact Dave Pearson, Activities Director, at 509-854-3067. If you would like to mail your membership fee please send it to: Granger High School, C/O Dave Pearson, AD, 315 Mentzer Ave., Granger, WA 98932. Also please make out checks to Granger High School Red and White Club.

Whether you choose to contribute or not, thank you very much for your support of Granger High School Activities!